With more power-hungry gadgets and appliances than ever before, there’s no such thing as too many power points.

Ditch the power board and extension cables – which can be seriously dangerous – and opt for brand new power points. Make your life easier, and call in our team of experienced electricians to install new points at key spots around your home or office.

The dangers of power boards and extension cables

Did you know that power boards can cause, electrical fires, electrocutions, permanent damage to connected devices, and more?

Well, they can when they become overloaded.

Overloading occurs when you use the ‘piggyback’ method (meaning you plug another power board or double adaptor into a power board), or when too many high-wattage appliances are plugged in to a single power board.

What’s more, if you find yourself using extension cables on a permanent basis, you’re putting your home at risk. Extension cords are designed for temporary use; extended or improper use can result in electrical fire.

The safest solution

Installing new power points is not only the most convenient solution, but the safest too. With additional power points, there’s no need to worry about overloading, piggybacking, or extended use.

Professional power point installations

We provide comprehensive power point repair and installation services to both homes and businesses. We are dedicated to the safety of our valued customers, and always finish each job to the highest industry standards.

Our power point services include the following:

  • Power point repairs
  • Single to double power point upgrades
  • Installation of new power points
  • Power point safety testing
  • Power points with USB sockets
  • New home or renovation power point installation

Get help with your power points today

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